100 WC #30

Today Is Friday and schools out today. Today at school were gonna have so much fun. But, Mom had to ruin it by saying I can’t go to school and have to go to moms work for “ Bring Your child to work day”. Moms work is so boring. All I have to do is just sit in the lobby and read a magazine. Last time this happened mom failed something and I had to stay there all night. When we got there I saw this statue of an old Iron. Weird. This is the best day ever! Great just great

One thought on “100 WC #30

  1. hi tanner! its Abby from mil lel primary Australia. your story is amazing for a year 5! this story sounds just like a reality story! but I don’t get the ending when you saw a old iron and you said it ways your best day of you life???? but overall it is great! hope you have a great day and hope i see another piece of yours soon! and hopefully you come and see my 100 word challenge
    kind regards, Abby

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